Welcome & Intro

Welcome to my website and if you have received this message via e mail then you have subscribed to my Newsletter. Thank-you!


So, what can you expect from brandonels.com and my Newsletter?


I plan to share what I am reading, where I am travelling, sporting events that I am attending or competing in, I will discuss where I am looking to invest and things that generally are catching my attention in the World. I will share my views in a straightforward, honest, and direct manner. As most people who know me, know!


I will blend into the mix a bit of my personal history. Like many I started off my social media journey in around 2008 with Facebook, then X and Instagram from around 2014. On my homepage you can find links to my social media accounts. The website and the Newsletter are my attempt to engage with my community and followers beyond FB, X and IG and provide a more meaningful way to engage with me directly. I am also going to be using the platform to look for promising business’ that require investment and working capital finance.


If I write an article that gels with you personally, feel free to contact me directly from the website. I will attempt to reply to as many as possible!


Step by step!




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