About Brandon:

As the CEO and Founder of Els Group, Brandon has over 25 years of experience in property, equity, and working capital finance in the CRE and sporting goods industries. Brandon leverages his skills in marketing communications, new business development, working capital finance and product development to create value for his clients and partners.

Brandon’s mission is to invest in and support innovative and sustainable businesses that share his passion for CRE, working capital finance, sports, and fitness. Brandon has successfully led and managed multiple projects and deals, across Africa and India and is a frequent traveller to Asia, having visited China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong on more than 60 visits.

Brandon enjoys collaborating with diverse and talented teams and empowering them to achieve their goals.

Brandon earned a Chartered Accountant degree from the University of Port Elizabeth and articled at KPMG. He is most often running, walking, or riding one of his many bicycles in his leisure time. Brandon is married to Tracey and has 3 children. Brandon lives, works, and writes from Gqeberha and Knysna, South Africa.

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