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Step by Step is a tagline or catchphrase that runs deep in my lexicon, thinking, psyche and companies’ cultures. Hell, it is even the tagline of my new website!

But where does Step by Step come from and what does it mean to me, my companies, and partners? Step By Step I learnt from Peter Miller. Peter was a business partner of mine and gave me some very big breaks in life and made a very big impression on my thinking as a young man. Peter influenced my thinking in the areas of discipline, consistency, financial management and corporate finance. The lessons I learnt from Peter I still apply in my property, working capital finance and trading businesses. The relationship with Peter was often very difficult and at other times also good, but the lessons I learnt from the man were enduring and I apply them to this day with Step by Step always being top of my mind daily.

So, what does it mean?

Step by Step means forming a picture or vision in your mind of your end goal and then working backwards to the present moment where you are now and then plotting out the steps that you must follow with discipline and consistency to arrive at your end goal. For example, you often hear someone say that they are waiting for their ship to come in before they go buy or invest in X, Y or Z. To most people not applying Step by Step this is just dreaming without acting on the steps required to get the ship to come in. You might dream of owning a property portfolio or a trading business. What are the steps you must take to achieve your end goals? Step by Step is not easy and it’s not a get rich quick scheme. There might be 50 steps that start off by being an apprentice for an established Entrepreneur and then plotting out the steps required to become an equity partner in the business of the Entrepreneur by solving her problems or increasing the market value of her business.

At a more practical level it could be how you implement a new ERP system at your business or how you make the bill of materials for a new bicycle range or how you pay off the loan you received from a bank. Step by step means achieving your end goals through extreme attention to detail in the present moment so that the future that you want will unfold in a way that you envision.

Perhaps, I can pass on this way of thinking to you too and it may help you in achieving your goals. Thanks to Peter it has worked for me, step by step. 

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